Bitcoin Cash Casinos

In the past couple of years, Bitcoin Cash Casino has been getting pretty common in the gaming industry. This cryptocurrency created from a fork of BTC has steadily become a name to be reckoned with in the gaming as well as crypto ecosystem.

Here’s why Bitcoin Cash is increasingly establishing its credentials in online casinos and what this crypto is all about.

Bitcoin Cash – What is it, and how it is different from Bitcoin

Bitcoin Cash or BCH is a crypto coin created in 2017 by crypto miners and developers by forming a hard fork from Bitcoin. BCH, which is the symbol of Bitcoin Cash, has its own blockchain and transaction size specifications.

One of the main differences between BCH and BTC is the block size. Bitcoin’s blockchain has a size of 1MB, which makes it unrivaled in terms of security. However, the small block size also limits the transaction speed of Bitcoin in the crypto ecosystem.

The block size of BCH is bigger than BTC, which started at 8MB but has significantly increased to 32MB as of March 2022. This means that BCH transactions are significantly faster than BTC or any other type of cryptocurrency in existence. In addition, a transaction with Bitcoin Cash also has lower fees, which is a feature many users appreciate.

Of course, Bitcoin Cash also has its drawbacks, and the most pressing one is the reduced level of security because of the large block size. Another downside of the BCH is that it is still in its nascent stages, so the liquidity in the real world is not as great as BTC.

Nevertheless, Bitcoin Cash is quickly gaining ground in the crypto and gaming world, and many of the top casinos including Hell Spins, Bovada, and Wild now support BCH, and here’s why.

Why Bitcoin Cash is good for gaming at casinos

An increasing number of online casinos and other platforms are supporting Bitcoin Cash transactions because of its unique advantages.

BCH blockchain can process transactions quicker than even BTC payments. Unless you get the address of the digital wallet wrong, online casino transfers with BCH in instantaneous.

Of course, the transaction times with BCH will vary depending on how many confirmations are required from the destination address. However, Bitcoin Cash transfers and confirmations per minute are quicker.

Another reason why online casinos continue to support Bitcoin Cash is that this crypto coin is expected to have a longer survival term on the blockchain. The circulating supply of crypto coins decreases greatly according to a schedule, regardless of how many miners support it.

Casino transactions with Bitcoin Cash also have lower fees, which is why online platforms support it.

As mentioned above, transactions with BCH on an online casino are also secure and confidential. In addition, the wait times for Bitcoin Cash payments are shorter, which is a lot more convenient than anxiously waiting for a payment to go through for days.

Top sites that accept Bitcoin Cash

On the topic of casinos that accept Bitcoin Cash, here are the top ones that support this new and happening crypto coin

Wild Casino

The Wild casino supports Bitcoin Cash and other crypto coins among its many payment methods. So deposits and withdrawals from Wild Casino will be as quick as it gets.

In addition to the BCH payment, this online casino has an impressive selection of games, a scalable site across multiple platforms, and a great user interface.

BitStarz Casino

This award-winning casino accepts Bitcoin Cash for deposits as well as payouts, so you will love the convenience. Bitstarz also has a great user interface, an impressive selection of games, and attractive bonuses that make it a great casino.


At Rockepot, crypto including BCH is among the top payment methods for deposits and payouts. You also have other payment options at this casino.

In addition to the multiple payment methods, Rocketpot also has an excellent selection of games in its inventory. The casino is also compatible across several platforms, and the site is easy to navigate.


Cloudbet offers lofty bonuses for players with a standout casino that supports the widest range of crypto coins, including Bitcoin Cash. In addition, this online casino has a dedicated casino for crypto coins such as Bitcoin casino, Litecoin casino, Dash, and Dogecoin casino.

The selection of games at Cloudbet is exceptional as it covers the titles of all types of casino games. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface and, of course, high compatibility, no wonder Cloudbet is a name to reckon with in the gaming industry.

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