Popular poker games by Evolution Gaming

Popular poker games by Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming specializes in the production of live games for online casinos. This publisher has been on the market since 2006. It is at the origin of several popular software in the field today.

2 Hand Casino Hold’em

As the name suggests, 2 Hand Casino Hold’em is a live, online pkv games that gives you the option of betting on one or two hands. There is no limit to the number of players who can access the table. Everyone actually faces the croupier and not the other users.

Accessibility from all types of media: computer, smartphone or tablet.

Note that it is possible to find 2 Hand Casino Hold’em in an online casino without downloading.

Side bet city

Evolution Gaming surprises the public by developing a much simpler variation of poker in 2019: Side Bet City. With this game, the user tries to guess whether the drawn hand (s) will win and receives a payout if his prediction is true.

Side Bet City offers 4 types of bets:

  • Bet on the first 3 cards;
  • Bet on the first 5 cards;
  • Bet on 7 cards;

Bet on an All lose (all hands lose).

It should be noted that the amount of the win depends on the height of the hand and the number of cards played.

Three Card Poker

With Three Card Poker, the user plays live against the dealer. The goal is therefore to have a better hand than the latter with the 3 cards dealt. The order of height of the cards remains the same as that of the traditional game.

Evolution Gaming also gives the player the opportunity to win a significant amount of money through the additional features of Three Card Poker:

The Pair Plus Bonus;

The Six Card Bonus.

This variant is especially suitable for beginners who want to have fun while limiting losses as much as possible.

Stud Poker

The user plays against the real live dealer with Stud Poker. Each receives 5 cards. Those of the players are open-faced while only the last is visible to the dealer. The user then has the right to bet on his victory before his opponent’s hand is revealed.

First Five Progressive Jackpot

First Five Progressive Jackpot is a progressive jackpot with an initial amount of $ 50,000. You have to have a Royal Flush to win it. The amount of the gain also changes as the user plays.

Players who obtain a lower hand access a second level of fixed value prizes. They have the choice of either continuing the game ignoring it or enjoying it. Note that this jackpot does not in any way affect the result and the amount of winnings during the game.

Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

With Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker, you play against the dealer. The goal is to create a higher combination than the latter with the 2 cards in hand each and the 5 card flop. The betting options then proceed as in traditional poker.